Microbial Indoor Air Quality

GAP EnviroMicrobial Services (GAP) offers a variety of analytical services tailored for microbial indoor air quality assessments. Our clients range from professional environmental consultants, industrial hygienists, realtors, building inspectors, and health units to concerned individuals seeking fungal analysis and consultation. Microbial indoor air quality is assessed using various matrices including air, swab, bulk, liquid, and tape lift samples.
GAP has the follow air sampling equipment for client rental:

The RCS air sampler employs agar impaction as the collection principle via centrifugal force. Airborne particulate is drawn toward impeller blades and the applied centrifugal force impacts the microbes onto the agar test strip. After the test strips are incubated under ideal conditions, identification and enumeration analysis are performed. The results are expressed as colony forming units (CFU) per unit volume of air sampled.

The Zefon Bio Pump collects samples of both viable and nonviable airborne spores by depositing airborne particles onto a microscope slide. The advantage of using this device is that the degree of contamination can be determined in a rapid manner, as no culturing is necessary. These tests provide a snapshot of air quality at the exact time of sampling and the results are expressed in spores per volume of air sampled. Rush sample analysis (i.e. 4 hour or 1 day) is available for these samples.

If a more comprehensive site assessment is required, GAP recommends the following local industrial hygienists and building inspectors: