UV Validation

UV (Ultraviolet) Reactor Validation Microbial Support

Recognized globally for its expertise in the area of microbial support for UV disinfection validation, GAP continues to improve its services by advancing quality standards beyond the industry's expectations while expanding capacity for an increasing number of projects and project scopes. GAP has been involved in projects around the world, including Asia, Europe, Australia, and North America.

UV reactors are validated using a technique known as biodosimetry; a process of measuring the inactivation of microorganisms flowing through a reactor. The resulting microbial inactivation is compared to a UV dose response curve generated using a collimated beam apparatus. GAP has vast experience in microbial support for validation to a number of protocols including: the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) Ultraviolet Disinfection Guidance Manual (UVDGM), National Water Research Institute Ultraviolet Disinfection Guidelines for Drinking Water and Water Reuse (NWRI Guidelines), the NSF/ANSI 55 Standard, and the German Association for Gas and Water (DVGW) Technical Standard W294.

GAP is also actively involved in the microbial support of spot check, or checkpoint, bioassays which are a requirement of the NWRI Guidelines and for California Title 22 acceptance of UV disinfection systems.

GAP has the capacity to analyse and provide microbial stocks of bacteriophage, including MS2, T1UV, T7, Q-beta, and ΦX 174, bacterial spores such as Bacillus pumilus, fungi such as Aspergillus brasiliensis (nee. niger), and a number of bacterial surrogates.

The bacteriophage analysis GAP performs is accredited to the internationally recognized ISO 17025:2005 standard and is also involved in a partnership with the Water Quality Association (WQA) to provide Gold Seal Certification to the NSF/ANSI 55 Standard.

GAP can assist with all microbial aspects of an UV reactor validation, which include: supply of challenge microorganisms and sample containers, analysis of reactor samples, collimated beam analysis, preparation and arranging of international shipping. GAP also performs third party witnessing for UV reactor validations and UV lamp aging studies.